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Hazardous Location
6780 Series

Heavy-duty pumps for Class I, Division 1, Group C & D locations

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  • Hazardous Locations (UL Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D)
  • Engineered lift station
  • Storm water removal
  • Wastewater transfer
  • Industrial wastewater


  • Solids: 4” (101 mm) spherical capability
  • Discharge: 6” flanged horizontal
  • Seals – dual mechanical carbon/stationary ceramic/rotary, Buna-N elastomers
  • Balanced concentric pump housing and impeller
  • Construction – cast iron ASTM A-48, Class 30, 30,000# tensile strength, protected with two-part, corrosion-resistant epoxy coating
  • Attaching hardware – 304 stainless steel
  • O ring seals – Buna-N
  • Impeller – two-blade cast iron closed with top pump-out vanes
  • Moisture probes and leads
  • Optional:
    • Tungsten carbide seal(s)
    • Trimmed impeller
    • Non-sparking rail systems
    • Additional cord length
    • Inverter duty motor

MOTOR: from Reliance®

  • Stator – Class F insulation and lead wires, NEMA B design
  • Housing – cast iron, air-filled, protected with two-part, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Ball bearings – deep groove high carbon chromium steel
  • 416 stainless steel motor shaft
  • Power cable length – 25’ (8 m)
  • Thermal sensor and leads
Note: Product information presented here reflects conditions at time of publication. Consult factory regarding discrepancies or inconsistencies.

Easy installation - Motor is normally supplied with 25' (8 m) of multi conductor, power cable and control cable, with ground wire as standard. Alternate cable lengths are available. Large chamber speeds cable connection. Leads are re-connectable for dual voltage. Close coupling to pump eliminates alignment problems. Impeller mounts on motor stainless steel shaft extension, which also serves pump shaft. Pump and motor assembly can be lowered into position as a single, compact unit. Mounting flange fits pump housing. Small overall motor dimensions through use of NEMA-T frame electrics, reduce space requirements.

Long-lasting internal components – Special Class F insulation system rated for continuous duty in 105° F (40° C) liquids at 1.15 service factor. Thermal protection standard on all motors. Conservatively rated locked antifriction ball bearings for thrust loads.

Complete environmental protection – Buna-N grommets epoxy sealed leads and butt spliced connectors keep liquid from entering the top of the motor. All mating frame fits have rabbet joints with a large overlap, as well as O-ring seals. End brackets and frame are corrosion-resistant cast iron. Smooth frame design unobstructed by ribs eliminated clogging of frame and makes cleaning easy. Hardware is stainless steel. Seal faces are carbon and ceramic for corrosion resistance. Inner and outer seals provide complete protection for motor internals. Both seals have stainless steel and Buna-N components. Sealed oil-filled chamber permits maximum combined depth and internal pump pressures of 200 psi. Two moisture sensing probes warn of impending seal failure. The labyrinth slinger provides Class I Groups C & D enclosure and acts as a protective slinger for inner seal.

Vent hole helps prevent air locking. Balanced two-vane cast iron closed impeller with pump out vanes for seal protection that is keyed and bolted to the shaft. The concentric case reduces radial loading for longer bearing and seal life and comes with a 6” horizontal discharge. The unit is protected with a two-part, corrosion-resistant epoxy coating.

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