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High Water Alarms and Starter Kits

Accessories // A-Pak and J-Pak

High Water Alarms and Starter Kits

Stand alone high water alarms and starter kits for single phase capacitor start/capacitor run pumps.

Features and Benefits

A starter kit is required for all 1 Ph, heavy-duty, solids-handling and grinder pumps. A starter kit consists of the 1 Ph capacitors with start relay required to run the pump. The kit is to be field-installed in the control panel. There are two types shipped loose for field assembly or prewired and mounted on stainless steel bracket. A-Pak alarm system Indoor/Outdoor Alarm System (Model 10-0623):

  • UL listed (UL 864) and CSA certified
  • Horn and light operate to warn of a high water condition
  • Horn is rated 82 decibels at 10' (3 m)
  • Alarm test and horn silence switch with auto reset
  • Float switch with 15' (5 m) cable included
  • Interior pump and float switch terminal block

A-Pak II Alarm System Model 10-0126:

  • NEMA 4X thermoplastic alarm panel
  • Horn and light warn of high liquid levels
  • Test and silence switch
  • Auxiliary, dry high level alarm contacts - 5 amps
  • Operates on separate circuit from pump  
  • Float switch with 20' (6 m) cable included
  • Can be used with liquids to 140° F (60° C)

J-Pak watertight junction boxes NEMA 4X junction boxes are electrical enclosures that are watertight, dust-tight and corrosion-resistant.  Junction boxes not designed to be used with explosion-proof pumps and/or intrinsically-safe controls. Each junction box is supplied with on ehole plug for an unused sensor or float cord grip hole.