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X64 HD Series Sewage Pumps

Solids Handling Pumps with Explosion-Proof Motors

X64 HD Series Sewage Pumps

*NEW!* Sewage pumps with 4" high-head and 6" high-flow, flanged discharge for Class I, Division 1, Group C & D locations

Features and Benefits

  • 25 to 60 BHP Submersible Pumps:
    • Available as a 4" High-Head model passing a 3-1/8" solid or a 6" High-Flow model passing a 4" solid.
  • UL AND CSA Listed Motor:
    • Dependability is guaranteed. The motor is built to exacting standards for Class I, Division 1, Group C & D hazardous locations. Motor protection is assured with special O rings seal and the cord design sealing it from liquid entry, along with its robust design utilizing a 1.15 Service Factor.
  • Air-Filled Motor Design: 
    • Decreased operating cost with lowered energy use through its high efficiency operation and capability to be driven by a VFD drive.
  • Long Service Life:
    • Enclosed impeller, tandem shaft seals, upper & lower ball bearings, and concentric pump housing combine to reduce the radial load, extending the service life of all pump and motor components.

Product Specifications


  • Discharge size - 4" & 6" horizontal flanged
  • Solids - 4" - 3-1/8" spherical capability; 6" - 4" spherical capability
  • Seals - Dual mechanical
  • Seal leak probes
  • Construction - cast iron ASTM A-48, Class 30, 30,000# tensile strength
  • Attaching hardware - 316 stainless steel
  • "O" ring elastomers - Buna-N
  • Dual van enclosed ductile iron impeller
  • Pump housing with bronze wear ring (4" only) - U-Cup Seal (6")


  • Class I, Division 1, Hazardous Locations
  • UL and CSA listed motor
  • 3 Phase - 1725 RPM, 25 - 60 BHP
  • Stator - Class F insulation and lead wires
  • Thermal sensor protection
  • Housing - cast iron, air-filled
  • Ball bearings - Dual high carbon chromium steel
  • Power and sensor cord length
  • Inverter duty capable (Class I, Division 1, Group D, 1.0 SF, T2A temp code on inverter power)