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New Product Release!

The 64 HD Series is now available!

Over the past twenty-five years ZEP has been working towards building and supporting a line of higher horsepower pumps. That time has arrived. This series is comprised of 4” high head and 6” high flow models ranging from 25 to 60 HP.

These pumps are a great addition to our line, offering a competitively-priced, readily-available, larger-horsepower, solids-handling pump for high head applications. The 4” high head models feature a new pump housing and an enclosed impeller design, passing a 3-1/8” solid. These pumps will generate the performance needed for applications where the system head exceeds 100’ TDH. While designed for higher head and lower flow applications, these pumps can produce flow rates exceeding 500 GPM when heads are as high as 150’ TDH.

We are also introducing a new 4” rail system (P/N 39-0154) for these pumps and the 6” high flow models, formerly our 6680 Series, were rolled into this series. These 4” solids passing pumps provide exceptional flow rates for lower head systems. The high flow performance generated by these pumps is ideal for storm water applications or anywhere extreme amounts of solids are present.